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Current Source Generators

The Triangular Wave Deposit Control System uses a current source as the drive circuit to the pipe solenoid. A current source will provide the design water conditioning signal to any impedance load so long as the internal power supply has the required capacity. A voltage source generator will maintain the same voltage so long as the power supply has the capacity, but the conditioning signal may become weaker.

Here is an illustration.

Imagine that you and a friend are riding a bicycle built for two. Another person is riding with you without a partner on his bike. When the road is flat, you are able to pedal the bicycle easily by yourself, and your friend just enjoys the ride. The other person also is able to pedal easily.

However, when you come to a hill, your friend senses that you are working harder to pedal, and he starts to pedal, too. Together you are able to keep up your pace. The other person is not so fortunate, because he does not have a friend to help him pedal. He begins to fall behind.

You and your friend are like a current source generator. Together you are able to respond to the hill and keep the pace. The other person is like a voltage source generator, and he is not able to give the extra energy needed to keep pace while going up the hill.


  1. We have learned that water is best treated if the polarity, signal amplitude, and signal frequency are varied across a wide range. Most deposit control systems with voltage source generators are not able to vary the frequency over a wide range. That is because, the higher the frequency, the higher the impedance load; and the higher the impedance load the weaker the conditioning signal from a voltage source generator.
  2. Only a Triangular Wave current source generator will continue to send a strong conditioning signal over a wide frequency range.

  3. Most waters have qualities that vary over time. Higher total dissolved solid concentrations will cause greater impedance in the system. The Triangular Wave Deposit Control System with a current source generator is able to sense the increased impedance and maintain the strong conditioning signal. Deposit control systems with voltage source generators are not able to react to the increased impedance, and their conditioning signal will be weaker when the total dissolved solids concentration rises.