Water is a Polar Molecule
Hydrogen Bonds in Water
Scale Control Mechanism
Enhanced Colloidal Charge
Operating Principles
Treatment Effects Last
Current Source Generators

The hydrogen bonds are shown by dashed lines. Note how many of the oxygen atoms are bonded to more than one hydrogen atom. If there are more free or separate water molecules then the water will be more reactive as a solvent.

The Triangular Wave deposit control technology provides a means to break down the hydrogen bond of water without increasing the temperature; therefore the water molecules become free. The solenoid coil in the deposit control system induces a time-varying magnetic field within the pipe. This change of magnetic field, with time, causes an induced voltage. Since water is a charged particle, this energy is transferred to the water molecules, and increases their molecular kinetic energy. This increased internal energy breaks some of the hydrogen bonds, resulting in more separate water molecules and therefore increased hydration.