Texas passes statewide ruling banning water softener discharge in septic systems, communities in other states also rule . . .
As reported in Water Technology Magazine, May, 2002:
"A new regulation being enforced in Texas bans the discharge of water softener and reverse osmosis back flush into on-site sewage facilities (OSSF), commonly known as septic systems.  . . .

The rule states that "Owners shall not allow water softener and and reverse osmosis back flush to enter any portion of the OSSF."


Currently, communities in over 30 states, or even the states themselves, have or had enacted bans on certain types of water softener discharge.  Among them, in addition to Texas, are California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, and virtually all other states in the Northeast and Southeast.  Western states as well as several Midwestern states have or had also enacted regulations.

When the safe, cost-effective alternative is non-chemical TWT Deposit Control, there is little or no need to introduce sodium from softeners or chemicals from other treatment methods into residential or commercial /industrial wastewater streams.

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